Monday, 19 March 2012

The ramblings of my mind

It has been a little while since I last posted but while one of my (often daily) musings I figured this would be a great time to empty some of my mind onto my blog. 


Depending on education (or maybe how many episodes of QI watched) you may or may not know that two objects moving at different speeds do not keep time at the same rate relative to each other.  Gravity has the same effect, the closer object to a gravitational pull keeps time at a different rate to one further away.

It goes like this.

Faster movement = slower time (from the stationary or slower relative space)
Higher gravity = slower time (see above)

So everyone on Earth is moving through space.  Both through the Earth spinning on its axis and the Earth moving round the Sun.  I imagine the solar system is moving relative to the centre point of the galaxy and the galaxy itself is moving through .. 'wider' space.

Where in the universe is point zero.  With no movement and no gravitational pull.  Is it the centre point or are there numerous 'sweet spots'.  My initial instinct is that there is only one point as everything else must be moving..... I dunno more thought on that another day.

At this point zero what speed does time pass at compared to 'earth time'.  No movement and no gravity, it should be quicker... but by how much.

These are the sort of questions I pose myself with, but I don't have the means to even begin to figure out.

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